What does Oomph mean to you?
“Oomph is that extra bit of energy to inspire.”

How does ZICO give you Oomph?
“ZICO keeps me going! It gives me Oomph to get through my workouts, and Oomph to keep me energized throughout the day!”

How do you put Oomph into your workout/training?
“I try to make every moment my best. It takes a little Oomph to stay positive even when it feels like my energy is gone, and I don’t want to take another run.”

Is there anyone in life whose Oomph inspires you?
“My Dad has oomph. He is 65 and stays busier than me every day. He always calls me when I am on the road to tell me how many sports he did that day.”

What makes you crave Oomph?
“The sunrise! Nature’s beauty makes me crave oomph so I can experience it to its full potential.”

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