What does Oomph mean to you?
“It’s that extra bit of zoo-zoo-za that gets me going when I’d rather stay in bed. That reminder that I always feel amazing after a yoga practice of physical activity and Oomph gives me that extra bit of inspiration.”

 How does ZICO give you Oomph?
“I’m constantly traveling the world for my job, so I’m chronically battling dehydration with all the planes I’m on. ZICO gives me the Oomph I need after a long flight, so I can hit the mat and give my students my all.”

How do you put Oomph into your workout/training?
“I spice it up. I’m always changing up my sequencing for my practice and adding other activities like Bar Method, Pilates, hikes and skydiving into my training.”

Is there anyone whose Oomph inspires you?
“Elli Boland, one of my best friends and an amazing trainer. Even over Skype sessions she knows how to kick my butt and keep me motivated! It’s all love though. . .amazing.”

What does Oomphlessness feel like to you?
“Like looking at the bottom of an empty ZICO Chocolate bottle. So sad.”

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