What does Oomph mean to you?
“Oomph is that  little something that helps you  keep going even when you think you can’t.”

How does ZICO give you Oomph?
“ZICO delivers great natural  Oomph that makes you feel great.  . ZICO is positively Oomphelicious!”

Is there anyone in life whose Oomph inspires you?
“My dad’s Oomph energizes me. He always told me, “Son, it’s not how many times you get knocked down that matters, it’s how many times you get back up.” So now when I get knocked down I gather my Oomph and get back on my feet.”

How do you put Oomph into your workout/training?
 “Every day is a hard day. There is magic in misery and pushing to the edge requires my inner Oomph.”

What makes you crave Oomph?
“Mediocrity. Laziness. The mire of routine. I say, get your Oomph on, get out the door, and get Oomphing!”

If you had a little extra Oomph, how would you share it with the world?
“Oomph by example. Do my best to inspire, motivate & energize others to passionately pursue that which gets their Oomphages flowing.”

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