How does ZICO give you Oomph?
“ZICO gives me Oomph because of everything it doesn’t give me. ZICO Natural not from concentrate is my ZICO of choice, and I love it because it has one – ONE – ingredient. ZICO gives me only what I need. Nothing I don’t. Nothing fake. Nothing artificial. And that means I’m free to express all  my own natural Oomph.”

What does Oomph mean to you?
“Oomph is that little something extra, that little bit of extra determination.  When you aren’t sure that you can, that’s oomph.”

What makes you crave Oomph?
“The countdown before the gun goes off on race morning. That’s when you think, “whatever I’ve got in me, I’m gonna need it!”

If you had a little extra Oomph, how would you share it with the world?
“I’d spend more time with my family. That’s the worst part about being a professional endurance athlete. There’s times when I’m just  not there or not much fun. If I had some extra oomph, I’d use it for my son.”

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