A Thailand Trip

in every sip

Not all coconuts are created equal

That's why we only source the highest-quality from Southeast Asia and blend them to perfection with the naturally sweet Nam Hom variety from Thailand. Our coconuts are hand harvested in partnership with local farmers and thoughtfully crafted to deliver optimal sweetness for a delicious taste with no need for added sugars.

By Nature

Happiness meets Health

Zico Natural is our best-selling product. With five natural electrolytes and as much potassium as a banana, Zico Natural is gluten, cholesterol, and fat-free. And is made with only one thirst-quenching ingredient — fresh coconuts! No added sugars and never from concentrate. It’s a perfect blend of young, naturally sweet Nam Hom coconuts and more mature varieties to lend your body a splash of perfectly refreshing and delicious hydration for anything life throws at you.

Premium Coconut Water
Gluten Free
Fat + Cholesterol Free


It In

Whatever you are into, get into it, and leave the hydration to us.

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What water wished it was