What the FAQs

ZICO is 100% pure coconut water. ZICO has five essential naturally occurring electrolytes; more potassium than a banana, zero fat, and zero cholesterol.


ZICO is packed with naturally occurring electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus) and has lower amounts of sugar than sports drinks making it the ultimate natural hydration beverage! Drink ZICO to replenish after a workout, a night out or just whenever you feel like a delicious healthy beverage!

Coca-Cola discontinued ZICO in October 2020 and the original founder acquired it back at the start of 2021! We are working hard on getting everything back up and running and look forward to being back on shelves at all your favorite retailers. We appreciate your support and patience!

Coconut water is water soluble and excess amounts are filtered out through the kidney and passed through the body. There’s very little risk of drinking too much, but as always, please ask your healthcare provider if you have any further questions.

ZICO is good for about 6 weeks after the expiration date. You may see some slight discoloration that is perfectly normal. However, if it smells off or looks spoiled, please discard.

Absolutely! The nutrition and low sugar content make ZICO a great alternative to artificially colored and high sugar beverages that you find in the kids’ beverage aisles.

ZICO maintains its great nutritional qualities and taste by using a process called “flash pasteurization”. This protects the nutrition while keeping you safe from foreign substances.

Coconut trees generally mature in about 3 years at which point they begin to produce fruit. At 9 months of maturity, each coconut will have about 250-500 ml of pure, nutritious water that has been filtered from the ground. The water if left to mature become the coconut meat, but at ZICO we capture the water when the coconut is young and most nutritious.

Despite its name, coconuts are not nuts but fruit! They are a part of the drupe family that also includes mango, peach, cherry, olives, apricots and more. While most people who are allergic to tree nuts can safely consume coconuts, we strongly recommend asking your healthcare provider or allergist.

We’re honored to be considered! We are currently working hard on getting back up and running in 2022 and are not ready for any large sponsorships. But would love to stay connected to discuss opportunities for next year!

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